How many multiples of 3 are there among the integers 15 through 105 inclusive?

How many multiples of 3 are there among the integers 15 through 105 inclusive?

  • 30
  • 31
  • 32
  • 33
  • 34
  • I’m scared of the GMAT Exam

The 80 attendees at the UST MBA Forum featuring The Princeton Review on Wednesday evening quelled their fears by tackling problems such as the one above and learned so much more along the way.

The event gave students not only a behind-the-scenes look into Princeton Review’s approach to conquering the exam, but also an opportunity to learn about the many graduate programs at the Opus College of Business.   A number of Opus College faculty, UST MBA students and alumni, staff from admissions, student life, career services, and financial aid were on hand to speak with prospective students about how an investment in a UST MBA will benefit their careers.  The prospective students even had the opportunity to attend a sample lecture led by distinguished Dr. Heino Beckmann, a finance professor.  It may have been the first recorded applause of a lecture on the topic of finance in history.  The evening ended with a drawing in which one lucky attendee won free tuition to a Princeton Review GMAT class—sure motivation to start preparing for the exam.

Our candidates regularly ask us why the GMAT is required for admission to St. Thomas’ MBA Programs.  I encourage you to review a past posting by one of my colleagues that details the importance of the exam.  It is not unusual to express anxiety about this step of the admissions process.  We encourage you to contact our admissions office to speak about the exam and your plan for preparing your admission file.  Have no fear, help is out there.

By the way, the answer is 31.  Need an explanation?  Give us a call.