5 Reasons to Attend the Multicultural Forum (plus one more)

The 25th annual Multicultural Forum will take place next week at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The blog Smartgiving Matters last week compiled a great list of 5 reasons to attend, particularly of you work in the nonprofit world. The post was by Lynnea Atlas-Ingebretson, the Charities Review Council’s Program Director, who will be representing her organization at the Forum. Her list:

  1. Cross Sector Pollination
  2. World Class Thinkers & Leaders
  3. Good Scholarships!
  4. Great Sessions
  5. Professional Development Institutes

Read Atlas-Ingebretson's full post for details on each of these items.

University of St. Thomas bookstore booth

One more great reason to attend, particularly for students and alumni: the Career Fair on Wednesday, April 10. The fair is free and requires no advance registration (you can sign up online to have your résumé viewed by participating companies in advance). More than 50 major Upper-Midwest employers will be in attendance.  Coaching from leading résumé, career management and human resource experts will also be provided free at the  Career Services Center.

Have you ever been to the Forum? What are your top reasons to attend?