Public Safety to Sell Summer Evening Adjunct Parking Permits for Minneapolis Campus Starting May 21

Beginning Monday, May 21, and continuing through the summer, all current evening adjunct professors who have offices on either the Minneapolis or St. Paul campus will have the option to purchase from Parking and eXpress Card Services on the Minneapolis campus an evening adjunct permit for the Minneapolis campus.

This permit will allow evening adjunct professors to park after 4 p.m. in the surface parking lot located on LaSalle Avenue between 11th and 12th streets and on the east side of the School of Law.

Permits cost $65 and can be purchased at Parking and eXpress Card Services on the Minneapolis campus, located in Room 252, School of Law.

Adjunct professors on either campus can also pay on their own for parking at the city of Minneapolis Ramp at 11th Street and Harmon Place. The cost of parking at this location after 4 p.m. is $4 for the evening.

For more information about Minneapolis campus parking options, or other transportation options, visit Parking and eXpress Cards Services, Room 252, School of Law, or call (651) 962-4100.