Alcoholics Anonymous Meets on Campus

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is now meeting from 7 to 8 p.m. every Tuesday in Room 215, McNeely Hall – the new BUSN200 Center.

The meeting tonight, Tuesday, Oct. 11, is an open meeting – the only open meeting of the semester.

As described by AA Inter-Group – the organizing structure for AA – open AA meetings welcome the public (nonalcoholics) as well as alcoholics to attend and learn about alcoholism, recovery and the AA program. Attending an open AA meeting is a helpful way to learn about what AA is, how AA works and what AA does and does not do.

At open meetings, usually one or more AA members tell their stories of what it was like for them, what happened and what it is like for them now, including how their lives have changed as a result of Alcoholics Anonymous. Types of open AA meetings include discussion meetings, speaker meetings and study meetings.

Students who attend tonight's open meeting will have the opportunity to meet other students in recovery and to hear their stories of experience, hope and strength about maintaining their sobriety while being a college student.

As always with AA, anonymity is the cornerstone of meetings; as such, confidentiality about who attends and what is said at meetings is asked by all who attend.

For more information contact Dr. Barbara  Gorski, (651) 962-6124, director of the BUSN200 Center, who helped start these meetings.