Alumni-Constituent Relations Department announces new mission statement

Alumni-Constituent Relations Department announces new mission statement

From Alumni and Constituent Relations

The Alumni and Constituent Relations departments joined forces in the old Catholic Digest building last January. The building has been renamed the “alumni center” to give visibility to the lifelong relationship the University of St. Thomas has with its students. Over the past year, the department has been developing ways to work together and serve the UST community.

To that end, we have a new mission statement: The University of St. Thomas Alumni and Constituent Relations Department is dedicated to providing high-quality programs, events and services that recognize and acknowledge the varied contributions of members of the St. Thomas community and offer opportunities to all constituencies to build relationships with the university and each other.

The staff members of Alumni-Constituent Relations with their primary areas of responsibility are:

  • Viv Boockmeier, athletic golf tournaments and special events
  • William Carter, communities outside the Twin Cities
  • Pamela Christensen, alumni special events and programs
  • Mark Fangmeier, administrative staff for Alumni Affairs
  • Nadine Friederichs, Twin Cities programming and board affairs
  • Phil Hoeppner, communications
  • Barb Joynson, office manager
  • Monsignor James Lavin, special assistant for Old Guard reunions
  • Mary Jean Loomis, personal assistant to the executive director
  • Liz Pojar, special events and commencement coordinator
  • Mary Rausch, special events and communications
  • Kathleen Schwartz, administrative staff for Constituent Relations
  • Susan Sonnen, donor acknowledgement and administrative staff
  • Katie Stephens, student alumni and young alumni programs
  • Rachel Wobschall, executive director

Please contact us at (651) 962-6430 or via e-mail.