Student Filmmaker Screens Rough cut of 'Articulated' Thursday Night

The rough cut of “Articulated,” a film by St. Thomas senior Katherine Curtis, will be screened at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 15, in the O’Shaughnessy Educational Center auditorium.

“Articulated” is the story of Brooke (Evan Gaydos), who finds herself facing the challenging elements behind forgiveness, confrontation and commitment after telling her close friend, Gala (Emily Basques), about a horrendous incident from her past. This revelation changes their friendship, jeopardizes the sibling-like relationship between Gala and Brooke's ex-boyfriend, Landon (Perry Chicos), tests the evolving relationship between Brooke and her new boyfriend, Ethan (Roger Wayne), and forces Brooke to expose a lurking darkness from her past that has unconsciously been affecting her actions, interactions and relationships.

"Articulated" was filmed on scattered weeknights and weekends from mid-October until mid-November at various locations in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Alumnus Mike Kotek ’06 provided one of the locations for the film. The film was produced by Eyetography, Curtis and the University of St. Thomas.

Katherine and Evan

Evan Gaydos, left, who plays Brooke in "Articulated," shares a behind-the-scenes scene with Katherine Curtis, director of the film.

Curtis wrote, filmed, directed and produced the film as part of a self-directed independent study that she is currently completing (Advance Film: The Full Process), overseen by Associate Professor Tim Scully. Chicos is a communications and journalism major at St. Thomas. Gaydos and Basques are St. Catherine University students. Wayne is a professional film actor. Former UST student Alex Maiers '11 scored music for the film’s teaser trailer and for multiple scenes.

Curtis is a double major in communications and journalism: emphasis in video production, and studio arts: emphasis in graphic design.

“My interest in video production and film started in spring 2011 when I took a videography course under the guidance of Tim Scully. I loved the process and wanted to do more, but there wasn't a course available that would give me the hands-on experience I wanted and knew I needed in order to improve my skills as an aspiring filmmaker,” Curtis wrote in an email. “I approached Professor Scully in the summer of 2011; at the time I was making comedic videos for YouTube, was shooting freelance promos pro bono in order to improve my shooting and editing skills and had just successfully co-written and directed my first short film (“The Cupboard”) for the 48-Hour Film Festival. After telling Professor Scully about my desire to take my filmmaking skills to the next level, he recommended I do an independent study and write, produce and direct a short film. I said 'yes,' and the journey began.”

Emily Basques

Emily Basques, a student at St. Catherine University, plays Gala in "Articulated."

From August through October she focused on the screenplay and started contacting actors. Her longest filming day was a 16 hours, which was required because of outdoor scenes that needed to be shot before it got too cold and before the first snowfall.

“During the whole process (which I'm still editing for the screening), I kept motivated by reminding myself how much I learned from this entire process, which was so, so much,” Curtis noted, “and remembering this quote by T.S. Eliot: ‘Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.’”

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