Beware of Phishing E-mails

Be wary of a recent spike in phishing e-mails purporting to be from St. Thomas support organizations that ask users to confirm their accounts and password information.

Phishing e-mails attempt to trick users into providing confidential information by posing as legitimate e-mails. IRT will never ask for personal information or passwords in e-mail. Responding to phishing e-mails allows phishers to log into accounts to access personal information, or use accounts to spam the community with more phishing attempts.

"IRT uses anti-phishing filters to trap unwanted e-mail, but the reality is that as we advance in our understanding of how phishers work, they, too, advance in their methods of circumventing our security measures," said Jenn Haas, IRT's director of client services.

For more information about phishing, visit the IRT website.