Bishops Ask for Early Notification of Campus Event Participation Requests

Archbishop John Nienstedt, Archbishop Emeritus Harry Flynn, and Auxiliary Bishops Lee Piché and Andrew Cozzens, Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, are planning their calendars for 2015-16. Because of the high volume of invitations from parishes and other institutions, Nienstedt asks that all invitations for the coming year be submitted no later than March 1.

All requests for the presence of the bishops on campus are handled through the President’s Office. Requests must include a completed 2015-16 Request for Participation of a Bishop form. The forms are available from Karen Hennes.

Participation of a Bishop forms are requested even for tentative events. Rather than submitting them later, it is easier to cancel an event from the calendar than to add a new one.

For more information call the President’s Office, (651) 962-6500.