Body Image Awareness Week Opens Today With Information Table, Button Giveaway

Body Image Awareness Week begins today at the University of St. Thomas. Students are invited to stop by the body image awareness table today, located on the second floor of Anderson Student Center.

Staff from the Wellness Center and Counseling and Psychological Services will distribute information on healthy body image to kick off the week; in addition, pick up a button and wear it throughout the week – a "scouter" just may approach you with a prize.

Healthy body image tips of the day


  • Let your body define who or what you are. You are much more than just a body.
  • Let obsession with your body keep you from getting closer to others or taking risks.
  • Judge others on the basis of appearance, body size or shape.
  • Forget that society changes its ideas of beauty over the years.
  • Believe that all thin people are happy with themselves.
  • Forget that you are not alone in your pursuit of self-acceptance. It is a lifelong process that many people struggle with.
  • Be afraid to actually enjoy your body. Don't look at it as something that you are stuck with.


  • Accept that bodies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is what makes us interesting!
  • Remember that you may be your worst critic. Others may find you really attractive.
  • Expect normal weekly and monthly changes in weight and shape.
  • Explore your internal self, emotionally and spiritually. Also look at yourself as a growing, changing human being.
  • Explore all the things you have to offer others: recognize your positive qualities.
  • Decide how you wish to spend your energy: should pursuing the perfect image occupy most of your time, or would you rather enjoy the people and positive things in your life?
  • Be aware of your own weight prejudice. Explore how those feelings may affect your self-esteem

Source: University of Illinois, McKinley Health Center.

A complete schedule of the week's activities can be viewed here.