Students Plan for Success

During campus opening celebrations, I invited our newest undergraduate students to text me their plans for making the most of their time here at St. Thomas. More than 140 students shared their plans for getting involved, and you might like to know what our students had to say:

  • More than 10 students plan to take advantage of academic opportunities (research with faculty, studying abroad); nurture their faith (attend Mass, pray, involvement with Campus Ministry); and build social relationships.
  • More than 20 students will be involved in performing arts (choir, dance, PULSE).
  • More than 30 students are joining 28 different clubs and organizations.
  • More than 40 students will be working out and participating in intramural, club or varsity sports.

Our newest community members are interested in the practical …

  • Learn to navigate the bus system.
  • Get a job.
  • Buy my books.

… and the thoughtful:

  • I’m going to work hard and take advantage of all the opportunities here at UST to help me succeed.
  • I’m going to strive to do research projects with biology professors.
  • I’m going to make mistakes and become a better person for it.
  • Become a better member of the community of St. Thomas through being sincere, honest, and helpful to everyone I meet.

Now that we are a few weeks into classes, I invite our newest first-year, transfer and international students to continue focusing on your education and contributing to our campus community. All of us in Student Affairs are here to support your success.