Catering to launch new billing system for events held on campus

Catering to launch new billing system for events held on campus

From Catering Services

University of St. Thomas Catering Services is on the horizon of launching a new billing system for events held on campus. This new system will work within the university’s record system for space management, known as Resource25. Space requests made on Web Viewer feed into Resource25. 

While in the testing stages of the new program, we discovered that events that are booked with multiple dates on the same reservation will not be billed until the last event has occurred. This means that departments will not receive invoices nor will budgets be debited for any catering charges for the events booked together until the last event has happened. This could mean an entire semester's worth of charges will not hit budgets until the end of the semester for some events the way they are currently being requested.

With increased billing inquiries at the end of the spring semester and the end of the fiscal year, we are concerned that this could be inconvenient and frustrating for departments trying to stay within their budgets while planning year end events as well as monitoring departmental charges throughout the year.

To assist in this issue we are sending this notice to inform our customers of a simple adjustment in the way they currently request spaces for events on campus. If you wish to receive catering invoices and charges in a timely manner, you will need to book multiple date events in no more than a week's time period on the same space request. 

Contact Catering Services with questions: (651) 962-6068 or  (651) 962-6060.