Clue No. 3: Sun Safety Week Sunscreen Hunt

Clue No. 3: Sun Safety Week Sunscreen Hunt

Are you getting warmer in your search? Got sunscreen? Enter Sun Safety Week's Sunscreen Hunt and you will not only have a bottle of sunscreen but also a $100 gift certificate to the UST Bookstore if you find the hidden treasure-bottle. To win, find the sunscreen and return it to the Wellness Center in the lower level of Koch Commons.

Remember, searchers do not need to tip, dismantle, mangle, uproot or otherwise wreck anything to find the treasure.

The clues:

Wednesday's clue, No. 3:

Are you so frustrated that you had to form an alliance?
Oh come on now, this isn’t rocket science.

Do you need to relax and take a nap in the grass?
Listen closely, you might hear the sound of brass.

Remember to wear sunglasses and a hat.
Look alive; don’t be blind as a bat.

Because it is important to not focus only on the ground,
First look up, but then of course down.

Tuesday's clue, No. 2:

Are you ready for some more?

The semester is coming to an end.
Summer is just around the bend.

Before you can enjoy the sun,
One more thing needs to be done.

You could go outside
Or come here to hide.

Unless you want to be a college student forever
You better get your Act together.

Monday's clue, No. 1:

Are you ready for another hunting game?
Sun safety is this one’s aim.

The sun is powerful, there is no doubt,
Sunscreen is something you should not go without.

Avoid the sun between 10 and 4,
But if you can’t, put on SPF 30 before.

You can continue to exercise and have fun outside,
So, hey man, take a walk on the wild side.