Students Present at Annual Communication Research Conference

The Communication and Journalism Department held its 20th annual Undergraduate Communication Research Conference on Friday, April 15, on the Minneapolis campus.

More than 100 students and faculty participated in this celebration of undergraduate research. Participating schools included St. Catherine University, University of Northern Iowa, Clemson University and Macalester College. The keynote speaker was associate professor Dr. Charles Morris III, Department of Communication, Boston College. Dr. Bernard Armada, Communication and Journalism Department, chaired the conference.

St. Thomas student presenters and their faculty advisers:

  • Monique Volz, “Transgenders in America: An Analysis of Communication Through Advocacy Efforts” – Dr. Debra Petersen
  • Dan Cook, Greg Johnson and Justin Hastings, “House Rules: Relaxing Ethical Standards in the Medical Profession” – Dr. Kevin Sauter
  • Juli Hobson, Molly Mamaril and Maia Martucci, “Is Facebook Privacy an Oxymoron? Mark Zuckerburg Apologizes to Users Concerned About Changes in Privacy Settings” – Petersen
  • Kaylee Arostegui, “The Perfect ‘Candidate’: A Study of Michelle Obama’s Rhetorical Roles During the 2008 Presidential Election” – Petersen
  • Carlie Waibel, “The ‘O’ Factors: An Analysis of the Role of Celebrity Endorsements in Presidential Campaigns Including Oprah’s Involvement in Obama ’08” – Petersen
  • Alyssa Glawe, “Should We Be Laughing? An Analysis of the Controversies of Ethnic Humor in MADtv” – Petersen
  • Daniel Cook, “A Simpler Time: A Mythic Analysis of Justified” – Dr. Bernard Armada
  • Callie Chamberlain, “The Lipstick Portraits: The Somaly Mam Foundation’s Innovative Response to Human Trafficking” – Petersen
  • Dan Cook, “MEGaCandidates: The 2010 California Gubernatorial Race and an Analysis of High-Profile Candidates” – Petersen
  • Lauren Nevanen, “The Colbert Report: A Fresh Look at Discourse” – Petersen
  • Erica Carlson, “Are They Ever Just Words? Derogatory Language Against Women in the Public Sphere, Including Don Imus’s Treatment of the Rutgers University Women’s Basketball Team” – Petersen
  • Lauren Marosok, “It Takes More Than a Home to Make a Housewife: A Sociocultural Feminist Analysis of the Similarities in the Roles of Women on Television as Housewives, Housewives-in-Training and Faux-Independent Women” –Sauter
  • Gina Dolski, Cory Gagne, Caitlin Rick and Carlie Waibel, “Checking Into an Adult Playground: A Spatial Study and Rhetorical Analysis of the W Minneapolis-Foshay” –Armada

St. Thomas faculty respondents:

  • Petersen responded to student presenters on the panel “Portrayals and Practices of Ethics Through Television, Social Networking and Commodity Activism.”
  • Dr. Wendy Wyatt responded to student presenters on the panel “Governors and Goofballs: Exploring Political Communication in America.”