Creating A Mindset for Change

An engaging group of more than 100 people heard Laura Goodrich’s presentation on "Creating A Mindset for Change" at the Master's Connection last month. Goodrich is the author of the book Seeing Red Cars, which is on the Forbes ‘Must Read’ list for corporate leaders.

Goodrich’s presentation was thought provoking and engaging. She touched on the elements of change within organizations as well as how we as individuals adapt to change or, in many instances, avoid change for fear of what the unknown may be. Her presentation talked about real life situations and how we are socially conditioned to resist change by our environments we grow up within and live within on a daily basis. She drew from her book about how when we buy a red car we start noticing how many red cars there are around us. This principle aligns to our own behavior in many ways.

Many of the attendees stayed long after the presentation was over to meet with Ms. Goodrich and to network with others. As always, the Master’s Connection is a premier campus event for connecting and reconnecting with other UST MBAs. The next Master’s Connection is planned for March 20th. The speaker is yet to be identified.

Tom Colosimo, a Career Specialist in the Graduate Business Career Services office.