Delta Sigma Pi Spring Pledge Class Makes Big Plans

The pledge class of Delta Sigma Pi, the professional business fraternity at St. Thomas, is ready to fulfill its four main events. The pledge class is composed of 22 students, ranging from freshman to junior:

  • Malia Cone (president)
  • Kailee Baker
  • Alexis Chromy (pledge relations)
  • Andrew Falk (finance)
  • Kevin Gawronski
  • Alyssa Hewes
  • Brook Hill (historian)
  • Maggie Holm
  • Brittany Johnson
  • Mariann Kukielka (vice president of operations)
  • Heidi Lillie
  • Teresa Lingg (social chair)
  • JJ Marvin
  • Natalie Mathias (pledgehood chair)
  • Maddie Parker (senior vice president)
  • Chrystel Paulson (fundraising vice president)
  • Jenner Rauscher (pledge relations)
  • Emily Shmitz (community service chair)
  • Taylor Sinning
  • Alex Steen
  • Anna Wright (chancellor)
  • Bonnie Wu

The events:

Community service – The pledge class held its first community-service event (organized by Shmitz) last week at a local church to benefit Feed My Starving Children. More than half of the pledge class members were able to attend and pack over 25 boxes – more than any other group at the event.

Fundraisers – Paulson completed a Chili’s fundraiser and will be rewarded with a check. The pledge class also has two fundraisers in the works:

  • Davanni’s – 4-8 p.m. Tuesday, April 24. The class will hand out vouchers over the next few weeks and invites everyone to participate.
  • Minnesota Twins tickets for the games on Fridays, May 11 ($25) and 25 ($21). Anyone who is interested in purchasing tickets should contact the pledges listed above.

Professional event – Parker is planning a professional event for the pledges on Monday, May 28, where each attendant will be able to take the Myer Briggs test, which measures how people perceive and make decisions about the world.

Social event – Lingg is planning a social event for both the pledge class and the older brothers of the fraternity. The theme is “Breakfast Club” where everyone can dress as different typical high school stereotypes. Plans are still in the process for this event, but the outcome looks promising.

“With the pledge class already over halfway through completing its pledging process,” Cone said, “it is noteworthythat big plans are being undertaken. The goal of the class is to prove to the fraternity that they are worthy of initiation, which would show in their outstanding levels of professionalism and ability to complete the events with above-average outcomes. With only a few short weeks left, we can all look forward to many events and fundraising opportunities to attend.”