Headshot of Michale Rota on purple background
University of St. Thomas

Dr. Michael Rota Receives Grant to Study the Psychology of Faith

Dr. Michael Rota, a professor in the Department of Philosophy, recently received a $799,760 grant from the John Templeton Foundation to support a three-year project on the psychology and theology of Christian faith.

The grant will provide funds for Rota, project co-director Elizabeth Jackson (Toronto Metropolitan University), and six other philosophers and theologians to engage in a program of intensive study in the psychological sciences. These eight scholars will form the St. Thomas Working Group on the Psychology and Theology of Faith. In addition to taking coursework and studying both primary and secondary literature in pertinent areas of the psychological sciences, they will attend a series of seminars, workshops and conferences, where they will present and receive feedback on their own works in progress. By grant’s end, each member of the Working Group will have developed and begun a science-engaged philosophical or theological research project relating to religious belief or religious commitment.