Election Day: Campaign Pitches Are Over - Now Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

The campaign season comes to an end today (hopefully) and no matter your politics, there are some lessons to be learned from the incessant political advertising we've endured the last few weeks and months. (Is it a blessing that Minnesota is not a "swing state"?)

Each little campaign commercial is like a candidate's elevator-pitch for why you should vote for them--or not vote for their opponent. Full-time UST MBA students worked with Graduate Business Career Services and other Opus College of Business staff earlier this fall to perfect and practice their own elevator pitches - right in the elevators here on campus.

Shlomo Sprung and Vivian Giang published 6 Keys To Delivering A Powerful Elevator Pitch on Business Insider last week:

  1. Know exactly what you want the outcome to be
  2. Tell your audience what they'll get from your proposal
  3. Speak in your own authentic voice
  4. Control movement to attract your audience
  5. Break down each talking point
  6. Close in an unforgettable way

These tips came from the book Small Message, Big Impact, by Fortune 500 consultant Terri Sjodin. Did you see any similarities in campaign commercials? Read the whole article at Business Insider for all the details.