'Thank You' Extended to Faculty Members who Used Service-Learning in 2009-2010 Courses

The Office for Service-Learning would like to recognize and thank faculty members who taught courses using service-learning this year.  In 2009-2010, a total of 32 individual faculty members in 18 departments incorporated service-learning into 52 sections of 37 courses involving 1,025 students in partnership with a wide variety of community organizations.

St. Thomas faculty used service-learning pedagogies to engage their students in the lived experience of academic concepts, contextualizing learning and expanding the walls of their classrooms to encompass Twin Cities schools, programs for seniors and single mothers and their children, organizations delivering meals to people living with HIV/AIDS, mental health facilities, legal clinics, a native Hawaiian school and an agribusiness network in Mali (to name just a few).

Dr. Debra Petersen

Dr. Debra Petersen

Special congratulations to Debra Petersen, associate professor, Communication and Journalism, for receiving the Faculty Service-Learning Award for her excellent work with the Hiawatha Elementary School and the Ke Kula Ni’ihau O Kekaha School as part of the January Term course Hawai’i: Multicultural Communication in Diverse Organizations; her contribution to an article in Best Practices in Experiential and Service-Learning in Communication, 2009; and her service on the Service-Learning Advisory Board.

Other faculty members who incorporated service-learning into their courses include:

  • Matt Batt, ENGL 326, Topics in Writing Literary Nonfiction: Representations of Consciousness
  • Donald Beyers, THEO 101, Christian Theological Tradition
  • Tonia Bock, PSYC 111, General Psychology; and PSYC 203: Psychology of Adolescence
  • Lauren Braswell, PSYC 428, Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Sheila Brommel, SOWK 380, Social Work Research: Designs and Statistical Applications; and SOWK 402, Generalist Practice for Social Change
  • Carol Bruess, COJO 111, Communication and Citizenship; and COJO 472, Family Communication
  • Susan Callaway, ENGL 110, Intensive Writing; ENGL 300, Theory and Practice of Writing; and ENGL 300, Theory and Practice of Writing for Center for Writing Consultants
  • Mary Anne Chalkley, PSYC 490, Topics: Qualitative Research with an Aging Population
  • John Del Vecchio, BLAW 301, Legal Environment of Business
  • Joseph Fitzharris, HIST 113, Early America in Global Perspective; and HIST 114: Modern America in Global Perspective
  • Dina Gavrilos, COJO 111, Communication and Citizenship
  • Angela High-Pippert, POLS 205, Introduction to the American Public Policy Process
  • Mike Klein, JPST 250, Introduction to Justice and Peace Studies; and JPST 470 Conflict Resolution
  • Cindy Lavorato, EDLD 841, Federal/National Education Policy Making
  • Kelli Larson, ENGL 112, Critical Reading and Writing II
  • Nekima Levy-Pounds, LAWS 941, Community Justice Project Clinic; and LAWS 944, Advanced Community Justice Project Clinic
  • Jill Manske, BIOL 295, Topics: Biology of HIV/AIDS
  • Jennifer McGuire, ESCI 310, Environmental Problem Solving
  • Susan Myers, THEO 359, Women in the Early Church
  • Jennifer Oliphant, HLTH 400, Epidemiology
  • Kevin Sauter, COJO 398U, Hawai'i: Multicultural Communication in Diverse Organizations
  • Jane Saly, ACCT 715, Accounting in a Nonprofit in Mali
  • Tim Scully, COJO 360, Videography: TV Production in the Field
  • Ashley Shams, FREN 496, La Civilisation Malienne
  • Arkady Shemyakin, MATH 314, Mathematical Statistics; and MATH 333: Applied Statistical Methods
  • Susan Smith-Cunnien, SOCI 498, Mali Agribusiness Centre
  • John Tauer, PSYC 151, Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Mary Twite, THEO 215, Christian Morality
  • Artika Tyner, LAWS 941, Community Justice Project Clinic; and LAWS 944, Advanced Community Justice Project Clinic
  • Lisa Waldner, SOCI 210, Research Methods in Sociology; and SOCI 220, Sociological Analysis
  • Wendy Wyatt, COJO 111, Communication and Citizenship

Many thanks as well to the members of the Service-Learning Advisory Board who support and facilitate community-based learning from every corner of the university:

  • Barb Baker, program manager, Service-Learning
  • Tonia Bock, associate professor, Psychology
  • Carol Bruess, associate professor, Communication and Journalism
  • Brooke Dierkhising, research analyst, Development
  • Kate Caffrey, director, Tutor/Mentor Program
  • John Del Vecchio, adjunct faculty, Ethics and Business Law
  • Meghan Eliason, director, Center for Intercultural Learning and Community Engagement
  • Barbara Gorski, director, Business 200
  • Mary Hernández, office coordinator, International Education Center
  • Kelli Larson, professor of English and academic development program coordinator
  • Kathy Mann Arnott, office manager, Legal Services Clinic, Interprofessional Center
  • Debra Petersen, associate professor, Communication and Journalism
  • Kevin Sauter, professor, Communication and Journalism
  • Susan Spray, director of corporate and foundation relations
  • Tim Scully, associate professor, Communication and Journalism
  • Nancy Utoft, director of community relations, School of Divinity
  • Doug Warring, professor, Education