crisp @ home

Fast-tracking Crisp and Green's Meal Kit Service

Kaylee Jackley ’14, ’19 MBA, project coordinator at Crisp & Green (C&G), was instrumental in the launch of the restaurant chain's new meal kit service, Crisp @ Home. The service already was in development and was fast-tracked due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Newsroom connected with Jackley, who came up with the Crisp @ Home name as part of her work on the launch.

1. Could you provide an overview of Crisp @ Home?

We are giving individuals the ability to choose from a large selection of scratch-made C&G ingredients including greens, grains, cold and hot ingredients, prepared proteins, our signature dressings and beverages. Crisp @ Home includes ingredients for up to 20 meals that can be immediately prepared and served for yourself, family and roommates or refrigerated and enjoyed throughout the week while working or studying from home.

2. Crisp @ Home already was in the works when the pandemic hit. When was the original launch date, and what was involved to speed up development?

The idea was always something our team wanted to execute but didn’t have the logistics worked out or a launch date set. Our entire corporate team met on Friday morning, March 13, and discussed what the program would look like, what the cost would be and how we can make it affordable and convenient to our guests. Our team then worked about 100 hours over the weekend to make the concept come to life Monday morning.

3. What was your role in the launch of Crisp @ Home?

Our entire team talked through the idea together but my biggest role was the marketing piece. We came in over the weekend to shoot all the ingredients and execute all the creative to be launched on Monday. I helped strategize the best digital placement for the ads and what the messaging looked like on different channels.

4. What kind of response have you been seeing?

All very positive. People are extremely grateful we are providing healthy eating resources – not just with Crisp @ Home but with our take-out, curbside and delivery options. Our social media has been a huge communication tool for us. We are very appreciative of people sharing our story.

5. What is this situation like from a restaurant perspective, with so many people at home?

Obviously, it’s been difficult without people out and about and social distancing but that’s why it’s important for businesses to get innovative and creative. I look at this as a huge growing point in my career. Our founder and CEO, Steele Smiley, has been an incredible mentor through all this change, encouraging our team to think outside the box to become leaders in the industry. We have an incredibly hardworking corporate team who goes above and beyond to help each other out and get things done.

6. How have your St. Thomas degrees contributed to your career success?

It’s been a while since my undergraduate degree, but my greatest takeaway from my graduate degree has been thinking like a leader to make things happen rather than waiting for things to happen. It’s so important to utilize your resources, trust your gut and act quickly when an opportunity presents itself.