Financial Aid needs your help to spend money!

 From Financial Aid

Additional student-employment funding is available to all departments through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Federal Work-Study funds are available to be added to departmental budgets for the 2009-10 academic year. We lose this money if we are unable to spend it.

This is an excellent opportunity for departments campuswide to consider additional projects, additional staffing or to find ways to add services for students by using work-study-eligible students.

Due to the current state of the economy, we expect that there will be a high demand for student employment on campus.   It is imperative that we provide as many work opportunities as possible for new and returning students. We are hoping that the additional funding provided to UST along with some creativity in the departments across campus will help meet this demand.

How can your department utilize this new funding source?

  • Departments must hire Federal Work-Study-eligible students. In most cases, students who currently qualify for State Work-Study can be switched to Federal Work-Study. (Eligibility information will be available on Murphy Online through a new student supervisor portal in August.)
  • Departments receiving funds will be required to either create new positions in which to hire additional student employees or to expand the number of student employment positions available in the department.
  • In order to apply for additional Federal Work-Study funding, submit the fully completed application to the financial aid office. To obtain an application, e-mail Paula Benson.

If you have questions about the requirements, call or e-mail Benson, assistant director of financial aid, (651) 962-6547.