Financial aid recipients: Read your e-mails, mail

Financial aid recipients: Read your e-mails, mail

From the Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid recipients are urged to check their e-mails and campus mailboxes frequently for important updates. The Financial Aid Office will contact recipients via e-mail whenever possible; however, sometimes paper forms must be sent.

Communications will be sent to the following addresses:

  • UST E-mail Account: Check your UST e-mail account daily. If you prefer to check a personal e-mail account daily, forward your UST e-mail to your personal e-mail account on the UST Outlook Web Access Web page.
  • UST Campus Mailbox, if assigned: Check your UST mailbox daily for paper communications from the Financial Aid Office. Most full-time undergraduate students are assigned a campus mailbox locatedin the lower level of Murray-Herrick Campus Center.
  • Local Address: Mail is sent to the current local address on file with UST for any students not assigned a campus mailbox. If you do not have a local address on file, mail will be sent to thepermanent mailing address on file with UST.
  • You can view your campus mailbox assignment as well as the current local and permanent addresses on file with UST through Murphy Online.

For more information contact the Financial Aid Office, (651) 962-6550.