Five Elected to Exempt Staff Council

Five new members were elected to the Exempt Staff Council during elections that were held April 3-9. Three staff were elected from the St. Thomas’ academic departments and two from the university’s administrative departments.

Newly elected members of the Exempt Staff Council are:


  • Jess Durrant – OCB Technology and Web
  • Susie Eckstein – MBA Recruiting and Admissions
  • Susan Anderson-Benson – The Selim Center for Learning in Later Years


  • Marie Aho – IRT Technical Process Analysts
  • Madonna McDermott – Health Services

The Exempt Staff Council thanks the following council members, whose terms are ending, for their leadership and service:

  • Terry Lynn Eggert – Registrar’s Office
  • Colleen Stephens – Academic Counseling
  • Sarah Huesing – International Education
  • Andrea Koeppe – IRT Libraries
  • Marie Aho – IRT Technical Process Analysts

Birdie Cunningham, Jill Akervik, Brooke Dierkhising, Kristine Baker and Kathy O’Neil will continue to serve on the council for an additional year.

For more information visit the Exempt Staff Council website.