Genocide Intervention Network-St. Thomas chapter announces new board

Genocide Intervention Network-St. Thomas chapter announces new board members

The student advisory board for the Genocide Intervention Network-St. Thomas chapter announces its members for the 2007 calendar year. This board coordinates all local events, raises political awareness about legislative and other public action to take regarding genocide prevention, and raises funds to enhance security for people whose lives are at risk.

The 2007 board also will address the issue of state-level divestment from businesses supporting governments committing genocide. A "speakers' bureau" has been formed as well, to continue the GI-Net ongoing work in community-based education and awareness about genocide, particularly the current situation in Darfur.

The board members are:


  • President – Jenny Le
  • Vice president – Megan Bellin
  • Secretary – Jill Englund
  • Treasurer – Aaron Brooks

Chairs of key committees

  • Events – Mara Hughes and Jenny Le
  • Fundraising – Mara Hughes and Jill Englund
  • Social events – Anna Donnelly
  • Community service – Sarah Hogan and Christy Cink
  • Public relations – Heather Schommer and Megan Bellin
  • Technology – Dave Albright and Aaron Brooks
  • Press liaisons – Dave Blomquist and Rory Mattson
  • Information analyst – Sarah Hogan
  • Divestment – Ben Nebo

The Genocide Intervention Network is a national organization that envisions a world in which the international community is willing and able to protect civilians from genocide and mass atrocities. GI-Net has more than 600 chapters around the world; members educate their communities, advocate for action by their elected officials, and fundraise directly for civilian protection and human security.

For more information about the national Genocide Intervention Network, visit its Web site. To learn about the St. Thomas chapter, contact Jenny Le, newly elected student president, or Dr. Ellen Kennedy, faculty adviser.