Genocide Intervention Network students nominated for state award

Genocide Intervention Network students nominated for state award

The American Refugee Committee has nominated the student advisory board of the Genocide Intervention Network-Minnesota (GI-Net) to receive the Outstanding Youth Award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals. St. Thomas students make up most of the board. The Youth Award is given to an individual or a group that has shown outstanding philanthropic effort exemplifying commitment, dedication and talent in making a difference to society.

The GI-Net students have raised close to $60,000 in the past year through appeals to foundations and philanthropists, benefits and individual donations. The money is used to support African Union peacekeeping troops in Darfur, Sudan, to protect Darfuri women and girls from gender-based violence.

The students who were honored include: Dave Albright, Megan Bellin, Dave Blomquist, Aaron Brooks, Christy Cink, Anna Donnelly (University of Minnesota), Sarah Hogan, Mara Hughes, Jenny Lê, Rory Mattson, Ben Nebo, Heather Schommer, Stephan Schriver and Ina Ziegler (University of Minnesota).

For additional information on the Genocide Intervention Network, contact:

  • Jenny Lê president, St. Thomas chapter of the Genocide Intervention Network
  • Dr. Ellen Kennedy, Genocide Intervention Network-Minnesota

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