Openings Available for Second Healthy Relationships Counseling Group

Due to its popularity, an additional Healthy Relationships counseling group has been added for spring semester by Counseling and Psychological Services. This group is not for couples; it is for individuals who want help navigating the relationships in their lives.

This second group, which is beginning to fill up, is scheduled to begin during the convocation hour on Tuesday, Feb. 8, and will continue on Tuesdays through the end of the semester.

Last semester’s relationships group reached membership capacity and will continue to run during the same time in the spring. “In fact,” said Sydney Felker, one of the group’s co-facilitators, “that group remains full and members requested an extension in the meeting time from one hour to 90 minutes.” Felker is one of three pre-doctoral interns with Counseling and Psychological Services who will continue to facilitate the group with Dr. Steve Maurer, a licensed staff psychologist.

“Students clearly value this chance to work through some of the sticking points in their relationships, develop their interpersonal skills, and learn how they are viewed by their peers,” continued Felker, who will co-facilitate the second group with fellow intern Andy Katz.

For more information call Counseling and Psychological Services, (651) 962-6780, and ask to schedule a half-hour meeting with Felker, Katz or Maurer.