How well do you know UST? (Question No. 11)

Shaun Faricy, PMP manager, Technical Process Analysts Information Resources and Technologies, was the fifth to respond correctly to the “How well do you know UST?” question posed last Wednesday by Institutional Research and Analysis: “Who are more likely to prepare two or more drafts of an assignment – seniors or first-year students?" The answer: First-year students.

*  *  *

Now for this week’s question. “What percent of the total credits generated in spring 2010 (115,720) were generated at sites other than St. Paul?”

*  *  *

Information on the number of sections offered, registrations and credits generated by site are included in the official enrollment report. To find the answer to this question see the Spring 2010 Official Enrollment report. This question addresses strategic priorities Excellence (E1c, E1e, E2g, E4c) as described in the UST Strategic Plan.

 The fifth person who responds at with the correct answer to today’s question will be acknowledged in next Wednesday’s Bulletin Today. Each month, those who submit a correct response to any of the IR&A weekly Bulletin Today questions during the month will have the opportunity to win a UST coffee mug through a random drawing.

 For more information on credits generated at specific sites e-mail Institutional Research and Analysis.