How well do you know UST? (Question No. 4)

Last week’s "How well do you know UST?" question produced two winners: undergraduate, Megan Esselman and Betty Fitzer (Human Resources). The question was: "What was the total enrollment at UST in 1885?”

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When Institutional Research and Analysis developed this question of the week, our staff directed the curious to the number 66 in the Historical Fall Headcount Enrollment chart on Page 11 of the 2009-10 Data Factbook. To our surprise, however, a second number emerged with three individuals reporting an initial enrollment of 62. We soon learned this number had been reported in Journey Toward Fulfillment, written by Joseph B. Connors in 1985. This discrepancy led us to the UST Archives, where we found evidence supporting both of these numbers.

IR&A is excited about the conversations that are taking place regarding this topic and invites the UST community to continue these dialogues. As an incentive, IR&A will hold an additional drawing on Jan. 21, 2010, for those who provide new information related to enrollment at UST in 1885. The winner of this drawing will receive an iPod Nano. To provide you with a start in your search, IR&A staff developed an addition to the Tommie Notes Series. Click to access Tommie Notes  No. 5 - UST Enrollment Numbers in 1885.

Now for this week’s question: “Of all the undergraduate students who were accepted but did not attend UST in 2009-10, what are the top four universities they attended?” 

Our membership with National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) provides enrollment and graduation data on most college-going students in the United States. To find the answer to this question click this link to see the report we developed to identify these institutions.

The first person who responds at with the correct answer to today’s question will be acknowledged in this column next week. Each month, those who submit a correct response to any of the IR&A weekly Bulletin questions during the month will have the opportunity to win a UST coffee mug through a random drawing.

For more information on NSC data, e-mail Sushant Khullar.