Public Safety Issues Bulletin Regarding Increased Illegal Downloading of Copyrighted Material

The University of St. Thomas Department of Public Safety has issued a bulletin regarding a recent increase in Digital Millennium Copyright Act violations on campus.

The bulletin states: “The DMCA is the U.S. copyright law that criminalizes the act of circumventing approved access to copyrighted materials. Downloading copyrighted material without authorization is illegal. Violations of law are also considered violations of the UST graduate and undergraduate student Code of Conduct.

"According to the UST Policy on Responsible Use of Computing Resources, all users of university computing resources must 'comply with all federal, Minnesota and other applicable law, with all applicable university rules and policies, and all applicable contracts and licenses.'”

More information, and downloading tips, can be found on the Public Safety website – click on the alert titled “10/27/2011 Illegal Downloads.”