Integrating PBJ’s Into Your Job Search

Three square meals a day can aid your job search in countless ways including energy, and motivation, but that isn't the career staple we were referring to.  MSPBJ, better known as the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Business Journal is a leading reference in today’s economy, specializing in the industry news, trends, professionals and companies of the Twin Cities.

Here are nine ways the Business Journal can boost your professional goals:

Companies on the Move

  • Lists designated in each publication listing specific companies who are the currently trending or in the spot light.

People on the Move

  • Great contacts who have recently moved companies, been promoted, or are known as industry experts, the “who’s who” in each industry to benefit any network.

Special Reports

  • Industry specific news letters sent monthly/weekly, all the information in one location.

Morning Roundup

  • Weekly installment summarizing the major news from the business realm, quick and easy information to widen any knowledge base.


  • Calendar updated with events in the Twin Cities to engage and honor colleagues, corporations and organizations that are attended by all levels of professionals.

Subject Matter Expert

  • Any person can be a subject matter expert for the Business Journal, simply email the writers and display knowledge in any industry specific area to get your name in print.  Don’t forget to add this to your resume, LinkedIn profile and personal pitch.

Press Releases

  • Articles that are not printed may be published online as press releases.  Consider this an insider edition to the news that few are aware of, check out the Press Releases tab under News.

Company Specific News

  • Selecting the Company tab allows readers to view all relevant news in regards to a selected company, great information for an interview, informational interview, or connection.

Book of Lists

  • Not sure where you want to work?  The Business Journal publishes an annual book of lists featuring several categories including the top small, medium and large companies, best companies to work for, and top companies by industry or market.  These books can be found in the Career Services Resource Room.

The Business Journal is a home-based powerhouse of information for all industries; see what sparks your interest today!