Joel Nichols headshot.

Interim Dean Joel Nichols Published by Oxford University Press

The fifth edition of Religion and the American Constitutional Experiment, co-authored by School of Law Interim Dean Joel Nichols, has been published by Oxford University Press. The book tells the American story of religious liberty from its Colonial beginnings to the latest Supreme Court cases.

The authors analyze closely the formation of the First Amendment religion clauses and describe the unique and enduring principles of the American experiment in religious freedom – liberty of conscience, free exercise of religion, religious equality, religious pluralism, separation of church and state, and no establishment of religion.

Accompanying the release of the 5th edition is the launch of the SCOTUS Religion Cases (SRC) database – an open-access research tool that includes volumes of data, case summaries, and searchable PDFs of 244 (and counting) Supreme Court rulings from 1815 through the present day. Researchers and students can use this tool to easily search, sort, download, read and study the Supreme Court’s religion jurisprudence.