It's recess time!

It's recess time!

From the Wellness Center

The Wellness Center staff wants to host fun summer games over the noon hour in July and asks for your input to determine the amount of interest campuswide and to get ideas for great prizes.

Each Wednesday, starting July 12, we would host games such as kickball, volleyball, Wiffle Ball, bocce ball, croquet, four square and walking routes. The games would be free and a number of options would be available each week.

All of the games and activities would be co-rec and informal. Each time you participated in a game or came out to cheer, you would be entered in a drawing to win fabulous prizes.

The main purpose for planning this summer fun is to increase physical activity and get to know other staff, faculty and students.

Please e-mail the Wellness Center and let us know if you would be interested in participating and include your ideas for prizes.

We would need a total of 20 responses to hold the games.