UAWE Council Accepts Sister Pat Kowalski Women’s Leadership Award Nominations

The Coordinating Council of the University Advocates for Women and Equity is accepting nominations for the Sister Pat Kowalski Women’s Leadership Award. The deadline for nominations is 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 14, 2012.

The leadership award is given to both employees and students at the University of St. Thomas. For employees, the award rotates among three constituencies of women on the UST campus: faculty, exempt staff and non-exempt staff. An award also is given annually, beginning this year, to a female student.

Nominations for the 2012 Kowalski awards will be accepted for non-exempt staff members and students who have distinguished themselves through their work on women’s issues.


To nominate a non-exempt staff member or a student for the Kowalski award, write a letter to the Coordinating Council, no longer than one and a half  pages, explaining how the woman you wish to recognize demonstrates these qualities:

  • Clarity of vision through insights into the needs and aspirations of women at the University of St. Thomas.
  • Courage of convictions through an ability to speak and act.
  • Generosity of spirit through leadership by example, which encourages others to see work on behalf of the women at St. Thomas as a source of joy and life.

E-mail nominations to Dr. Susan Myers. The decision will be announced in early April, and the award will be presented at the UAWE spring reception on Thursday, April 19.

Each year the awards include monetary contributions, one to the Servants of Mary (Sister Pat Kowalski’s order) for the care of their aged and infirm members. Another financial award will go to a nonprofit organization named by each recipient.

Members of the UAWE Coordinating Council are not eligible for these awards.

For more information contact a current member: Vanessa Cornett-Murtada, Corrine Carvalho, Liz Dussol, Sue Focke, Amy Kritzer, Erin McCloskey, Susan Myers, Ea Porter, Mary Ann Ryan, Margie Siegel, Paddy Satzer or Sheneeta White.

Kowalski died in May 1999. The Women’s Leadership Award is dedicated in memory of her spirit and work. She was director of community partnerships at St. Thomas for seven years, during which time she initiated and facilitated programs and contacts with the broader community.

 Previous winners

  • Pauline Lambert: 2000
  • Amanda Rios: 2001
  • Ann Johnson: 2002
  • Elizabeth Dussol: 2003
  • Nicole Gurgel: 2004
  • Kay Egan: 2005
  • JoAnn Andregg: 2006
  • Alethea Alden, Laura Stierman: 2007
  • Jill Manske: 2008
  • Mary Ann Ryan: 2009
  • Lauren Miller, Kelly Rodriguez: 2010
  • Dr. Debra Petersen: 2011