Law Professors Publish New Legal Ethics Hornbook

Professor Gregory Sisk, the Laghi Chair in Law, and Professor Neil Hamilton, the Holloran Professor of Law and director of the Holloran Center for Ethical Leadership in the Professions, have published a new hornbook on legal ethics. The title of their book is, Legal Ethics, Professional Responsibility, and the Legal Profession.

In the law, the classic West “hornbook” is the standard treatise in a field of law, regularly used and cited by judges, lawyers and law professors. This is the first new hornbook published by West Academic on legal ethics in more than 30 years.

Sisk is the lead author on the book, writing the half of the book on the rules of lawyer ethics. Hamilton, together with Professor Melissa Weresh of Drake Law School, wrote the section on professional formation. Their co-authors are Professor William Henderson of Indiana University, who wrote the section on the legal profession; Professors Stephen Pepper of the University of Denver and Katherine Kruse of the Mitchell-Hamline School of Law, who wrote the section on the philosophy of legal ethics; Professors Susan Saab Fortney of Texas A&M and Vincent Johnson of St. Mary’s, who wrote the section on legal malpractice, and Professor Charles Geyh of Indiana University, who wrote the section on judicial ethics.

Twelve St. Thomas law students worked alongside professors Sisk and Hamilton on the book and earlier works integrated and adapted into the volume, whether through cite-checking, proofreading, research or general editorial assistance. Those students, most of whom are now alumni of the law school, are Pamela Abbate ’09, Molly Beckius ‘18, Lee Bennin ‘19, Erin Collins ’08, Christian Eichenlaub ’08, Dane Knudsen ‘18, Erin Larsgaard17, Olivia Luther ‘18, Elizabeth Malay ’13, Anna Petosky ’07, Kacie Phillips ’18 and Shana Tomenes ‘19.

More information about the book can be found online here.