Library today: Gartner Group technology reports available

Library today: Gartner Group technology reports available

From Information Resources and Technology

UST Information Resources and Technology, in partnership with UST Libraries, announces the availability of the Gartner Group Higher Education Core Collection technology reports. Gartner Group is an independent consulting company, providing research and analysis about global technology issues and their impact on organizations.

Written by specialists in many fields of emerging technologies, the data from Gartner Group includes market research, product information, evaluations, vendor reviews and industry overviews. This resource is valuable for UST patrons conducting research in technical industries or any industry with a technology component.

The analyses found in Gartner reports are a unique resource that complements other business sources such as journal articles and industry overviews. Gartner reports are accessible via the UST Libraries databases Web page. Use the keyword search or "Topics" (gold) menu to find reports.

For more information about using Gartner or any other library resource, call the reference desk of the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center, (651) 962-5001, or the Charles J. Keffer Library, (651) 962-4664.