Library today: two streaming audio trials under way

Library today: two streaming audio trials under way

From UST Libraries

The UST Libraries are conducting trials for two streaming audio products, and very much would like the UST community to try them out. The trials are:

DRAM Online (available through March 9)

DRAM: Database of Recorded American Music contains nearly 2,000 albums (15,000 compositions) worth of recordings from 15 independent labels, including the catalog of American music recordings by New World Records. Content includes opera, Native American music, jazz, 19th century classical, early rock, musical theater, contemporary, electronic, and more. More information is available here.

Smithsonian Global Sound (available through April 9)

Smithsonian Global Sound includes more than 35,000 individual tracks of world, folk and other music, spoken word, and natural and human-made sounds from Smithsonian/ Folkways and other record labels. The collection includes animal sounds; drama; poetry; sounds of the deep ocean, the office, and the ionosphere; a frog being eaten by a snake; and performances of traditional music from virtually everywhere in the world. More information is available here.