Looking for a Workout Partner?

Looking for a partner to work out with? Do you want to workout but not sure where to start? Do you want to work out but find the AARC a bit overwhelming?

The Wellness Center and the Health and Human Performance (HHP) Club have the answer. They are sponsoring a pilot Workout Partner Program. The program consists of students who are interested in or wanting to start a workout routine but are unsure where to start or need extra motivation. Participants in the program will be paired up with HHP majors.

Unlike having a personal trainer, your partner will be working out alongside of you. Your partner will keep you motivated and provide you with encouragement to reach your physical activity goal. The program is built to provide incentives ($50 to the Bookstore) and a grand prize drawing for students who complete the three weeks. The goal is to work out two to three times a week.

Program sponsors are looking for 10 students who would like to participate. If interested, email the Wellness Center; you will take a survey to best match your workout interest and time available with a workout partner.