Master’s Pub: ‘Turning Corporate Green Into Actual Green’

Shawn Spott, vice president and manager of marketing research and strategic analysis at RBC Wealth Management, will speak at the next event in the Master’s Pub Business Conversations series.

His topic is “Turning Corporate Green Into Actual Green.” He will explain how the enterprise green strategy for RBC, a new social brand, has affected the Wealth Management group. He will illustrate the tangible ways the green mission of RBC is driving marketing decisions, influencing client perceptions and changing daily practices.

RBC Wealth Management, the sixth largest U.S. full-service brokerage firm, is headquartered out of Minneapolis and is a subsidiary of RBC (Royal Bank of Canada). It employs 2,300 financial consultants with more than $140 billion in assets.

Graduate business students are invited to this session from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 25, in Room 201, Opus Hall, Minneapolis campus. Light food and beverages will be available.

Register by e-mail or phone, (651) 962-4200.