New in the library: Service for Wilson databases helps researchers

New in the library: Service for Wilson databases helps researchers

Do you use these databases:

  • Applied Science and Technology, full text;
  • Art, full text;
  • Education, full text;
  • General Science, full text; and/or
  • Index to Legal Periodicals and Books?

If you use any of the above UST electronic article databases, there is a new service to make your research easier.

A new feature of the WilsonWeb, the SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information) Alert system, sends daily, weekly or monthly alerts, citing new articles as the WilsonWeb databases are updated. Users can modify alert settings, delete the alert or start a new alert at any time.

Links in the e-mail alerts take users directly into WilsonWeb, where they can view the full citation or full text of articles. The links also connect to screens where the users can modify the alert settings. 

After searching, the user clicks on the blue Search History button. Check the box next to the desired search and then click on the blue Alert box that appears next to that checked search string. A window will open for the user to enter his or her e-mail address, schedule choice (daily, weekly or monthly) and the stop date (one, two, three, six or 12 months). 

For more features of WilsonWeb Version 2.5.5, see its Web page.

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