Nominate students for Stacey Danner Commitment to Diversity Award

Nominate students for Stacey Danner Commitment to Diversity Award

The National Residence Hall Honorary invites faculty and staff to nominate students for the Stacey Danner Commitment to Diversity Award this spring. Nominations will be accepted until 4 p.m. Monday, April 17, 2006. Forms can be picked up at the Residence Life Office, Room 106, Koch Commons, or in Campus Life, Room 110, or Campus Ministry, Room 105, both in Murray-Herrick Campus Center. Nominations also can be submitted in an e-mail to Lindsay Blair.

Award criteria

Following is the description of a qualified nominee for the Stacey Danner Commitment to Diversity Award.

The student:

  • Has made an outstanding contribution to the University of St. Thomas residence halls in the area of diversity.
  • Has been a role model in his or her own life by committing himself or herself to diversity on all levels above and beyond their self-interests.
  • Has been involved outside the residence halls (campuswide or communitywide).
  • Has shown leadership in their commitment to diversity in the residence halls, on campus or in the community.
  • Has lived on campus during his or her time as a student at St. Thomas.

Award description
The Stacey Danner Commitment to Diversity Award was first presented to Stacey Danner upon his graduation from the University of St. Thomas in 1996. It was created and named in his honor to recognize his efforts on behalf of all students. Since that time, the NRHH has presented the award annually as part of the EAGLE Awards banquet.

Danner began his involvement in Residence Life by teaming with Jon Grutzner, Brady Hall director, to begin the Commitment to Diversity program in spring 1993. Danner went on to become a resident adviser in Ireland Hall (1994-1995) and the operations manager in Brady Hall (1995-1996).

In spring 1993, the Residence Life Commitment to Diversity was a new effort to help create an environment in the residence halls and across campus that is more welcoming and comfortable for students of all colors. In the first year of the program, the concentration was on making a positive change in the halls through support systems, educational programming and cultural social events.

Commitment to Diversity, now in its 10th year, continues to strive toward making the residence halls a comfortable environment for all people. Most recently, the group has focused programming toward the “isms”: racism, heterosexism and sexism. Inspired by Danner’s involvement on campus and in Residence Life, Commitment to Diversity continues to grow and enhance its purpose.