Nominate First-year Students for Talking Circles Retreat by Dec. 2

The Talking Circles 2012 Planning Committee invites faculty, staff and fellow students to nominate first-year students who are open to engaging in dialogue on various aspects of diversity, personal identity and privilege at the annual Talking Circles retreat.

Talking Circles, an annual three-day retreat rooted in the Native-American tradition of the Talking Circle, provides a unique opportunity for first-year students who are committed to making positive change within the immediate community and to see themselves as change agents for the university.

Sponsored by Campus Life and Residence Life, this retreat provides a setting in which students hear from a number of speakers and are encouraged to discuss various aspects of issues related to diversity and social justice.

Talking Circles will be held from Thursday to Saturday, Jan. 26-28.

To nominate a student, submit on this form the student’s name, email address and a short statement on why the student merits participation in Talking Circles. Nominations are due by Friday, Dec. 2. Once nominated, students will be invited to apply and attend the retreat.

First-year students may apply directly to Talking Circles by submitting this form.