Looking back on this year, I don’t think anybody’s 2020 turned out the way they had planned, to say the least. As someone whose job it is to document the events, happenings, stories and daily life of our St. Thomas community, the Coronavirus pandemic certainly threw a wrench in my plans. Exciting and visual events I look forward to photographing annually; the March Through the Arches, Homecoming, the Tommie-Johnnie football game and Graduation, all rendered impossible to do in-person.

The photographs I made this year, instead, tell a story nobody could have predicted. A story of uncertainty, anxiety and fear. Of hand sanitizer, masks and social distancing. But when I look back at the photos I made at St. Thomas this year, there is another narrative present. A story of resilience, adaptability, and of care. A story of determined students, resourceful faculty, and hard-working staff. A story of community. It has been inspiring to document the University of St. Thomas this year and help in telling that story and creating a visual record of our community during this historic time.

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