Professional Notes

Dr. Stephen Brookfield, Distinguished Professor, delivered the keynote speech to the Arizona Adult Education 1999 State Conference. His speech was titled "At the Dawn of a New Age: Adult Learning Toward the Millennium." He also recently co-authored "Strategies for Reporting Small-Group Discussions to the Class" with Dr. Stephen Preskill in the journal, College Teaching, Vol. 47, No. 4 (1999). Brookfield recently presented a paper, Discussion as a Way of Teaching," at the 1999 National Conference of the Professional and Organizational Development Network, the national network of faculty development. The paper was co-presented with Preskill (former St. Thomas faculty member) and was based on their book of the same title.

Dr. Michael Griffin, a visiting assistant professor in the Journalism and Mass Communication Department, and Kaarle Nordenstreng, Distinguished Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Tampere, Finland, have published a new book, International Media Monitoring. The book contains theoretical statements and case studies by some of the world's foremost media scholars on the role of an increasingly global mass media in world affairs. Several frameworks are presented for the monitoring and ethical evaluation of media coverage of world events and world cultures, with particular focus on problems of peace and conflict, human rights, democratic participation and the environment. If you would like to meet Griffin, call (651) 962-5272 or send e-mail to He has a Ph.D. from the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Ameeta Jaiswal-Dale, Graduate School of Business," has won the 1999 Best New International Finance Case Award from the Financial Management Association and Indiana University's Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER). She was recognized with a cash award at the FMA annual meeting for "Enron in India — A Case in International Finance." The Financial Management Association International, the largest professional organization for finance professionals, was established in 1970 to develop a continuing relationship between practitioners and academicians and to facilitate the transfer of ideas, techniques and advances in the field of finance among universities, businesses and other institutions. The U.S. Department of Education funds the CIBER program with the goal of internationalizing business school students, faculty and curriculum. Jaiswal-Dale's case will be included in CIBER's case collection at the European Case Clearing House at Babson College.

Dr. Anne Klejment, History Deplartment, recently presented a talk, "Dorothy Day: Love Is the Measure," at the Church of the Annunciation in Minneapolis. The talk commemorated the 102nd anniversary of the birth of Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker Movement. Klejment was a consultant for the recently published volume, What's Left? Liberal American Catholics, edited by Mary Jo Weaver and published by Indiana University Press.

Dr. Melissa Pederson Mussell, Graduate Department of Professional Psychology, received the Young Investigator Award of the Eating Disorders Research Society last month in San Diego. The award recognizes professional contributions to the field, including publications and presentations over the past four years at the conference. Her most recent presentation was titled "Participant Ratings of Therapist-Led and Self-Help Group CBT for Binge Eating Disorder." In addition, she was co-author of two other presentations: "Relation of Binge Eating Age of Onset to Functional Aspects of Binge Eating and Treatment Outcome in Binge Eating Disorder" and "The Relative Efficacy of Flouxetine and Manal-Based Self-Help in the Treatment of Outpatients With Bulimia Nervosa."

James Rogers, Center for Irish Studies, contributed five entries to The Encyclopedia of the Irish in America, edited by Michael Glazier, which was published last month by University of Notre Dame Press. Rogers authored a short entry on the Center for Irish Studies; a short biographical entry on Dr. Thomas Dillon Redshaw of the St. Thomas English faculty, who also is academic director of the center and editor of New Hibernia Review; a 1,000-word entry on novelist Edwin O'Connor; and two long entries (approximately 3,000 words each) on the Irish in the Twin Cities and the Irish in Minnesota.