Professional Notes

Professional notes

Dr. Stephen Brookfield, School of Education, is co-author with Stephen Preskill of the second edition of a book, Discussion as a Way of Teaching: Tools and Techniques for Democratic Clasrooms (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2005). Preskill is a former St. Thomas faculty member. The book's first edition was published in 1999; the new edition is fully revised, updated, and expanded.

Brookfield also is the author of entries on critical thinking, philosophy of adult education, reflective judgment, transfer of learning, praxis, and adult education in the United States in the International Encyclopedia of Adult Education (New York: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2005).

Dr. Camille George, School of Engineering, and Dr. Barbara Sain, Theology Department, presented a paper, "Education for Human Development: Capstone Courses for Engineers at the University of St. Thomas," at a conference on the role of engineering at Catholic universities Sept. 23 at the University of Dayton.

Andy Leet, English Department, is the author of an article, "Rediscovering Faith Through Science Fiction," which appears in a new book, His Dark Materials Illuminated, edited by Millicent Lenz and Carole Scott (Wayne State University Press, 2005). The book's 14 critical essays explore three major areas of Philip Pullman's 1995-2000 "His Dark Materials" trilogy, including the position of human nature in fantasy/science fiction literature, intertextuality and the revamping of literary traditions, and the multiplicity of theological interpretations. Leet's essay uses Milton and Blake to support a theological interpretation of the trilogy.

Dr. Victoria Young, Art History Department, delivered a paper, "Designing the First Abbey Church of St. John the Baptist in Collegeville, Minn.: 19th-Century Connections to King Ludwig I, Green Bay's Cathedral and Assumption Church in St. Paul," at the 40th annual Northern Great Plains History Conference Sept. 30 in Eau Claire, Wis.