Professional Notes

Professional notes

Dr. Sarah Armstrong, Personal Counseling and Testing, co-wrote an article for the Minnesota Psychologist, the bi-monthly publication for the Minnesota Psychological Association, and hosted a research poster session at the 70th annual MPA conference in Minnetonka. Armstrong continues to serve on the MPA Education and Training Committee, which is responsible for planning and hosting professional development workshops and conferences for Minnesota psychologists.

Dr. William Kinney, Sociology and Criminal Justice, is the author of a teaching resource titled "Gender, Power and Conflict in the Workplace: The Dynamics of Sexual Harassment in 'North Country.' " The resource was published in the American Sociological Association's The Sociology of Gender and Work: Syllabi and Teaching Materials (Third Edition), edited by Patty A. Giuffre and Sharon R. Bird. The piece uses the film "North Country" to engage students in a structured analysis of power abuse, control, tribalism and harassment in the workplace.