Professional Notes

Professional notes

Dr. Stephen Brookfield, School of Education," is the author of a chapter, "Authenticity and Power," in Authenticity in Teaching, edited by Patricia Cranton (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2006).

Dr. Mary Rose O'Reilley, professor emerita, English Department, is the author of a poem, "The Abandoned Farm," published in the March issue of Poetry magazine. Other poems are forthcoming in The Literary Review (winter 2007) and Ploughshares.

James Rogers, Center for Irish Studies, is author of an article, "A Culture of Diffidence: Midcentury Irish-American Priests' Autobiographies," published in the spring 2007 issue of Studies: An Irish Quarterly (Vol. 86, No. 381). The article surveys about a dozen such books and argues that priests' memoirs in the pre-
Vatican II years were characterized by a marked lack of self-disclosure. Studies is published by the National University of Ireland-Maynooth.

Elizabeth Schiltz, School of Law, is the author of an essay, "The Disabled Jesus," published in the March 12 issue of America magazine. Read it here.

Dr. Kevin Theissen, Geology Department, gave an invited talk, "Paleoecology of Shallow Lakes in the Prairie Pothold Region of Minnesota: Preliminary Geochemical Results," to the Minnesota section of the American Institute of Professional Geologists March 6. Shallow lakes are part of wetland systems that serve a critical environmental role. Theissen showed geological evidence from several lakes for the onset of significant human influences in the region.