Professional Notes

Dr. Bonnie Holte Bennett, Graduate Programs in Software and quantitative methods computer lab; Emmett Davis, artificial intelligence and high performance and parallel computing lab manager; and GPS alumnus Tim Kunau were co-authors of a paper, "Beowulf Parallel Processing for Dynamic Load-Balancing," which Kunau presented at the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers Aerospace Conference March 18-25. It will be published in the conference proceedings. The paper is significant in that it is the first publication by the lab related to porting the load-balancing sorting algorithms developed over the past several years onto the Beowulf parallel processing cluster built in the lab over the past 18 months. Presentation slides are available, and you can download the paper's text.

Suzanne Donsky, English Department, gave a presentation, "Sheltered College Literature Courses for ESL Students," at the annual international conference of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) March 15 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The presentation was made with colleagues from Concordia University, St. Paul, and the University of Minnesota.

The Rev. Jan Michael Joncas, Theology Department, has published an article, "Faithful to the Past, Faithful for the Future: The Four Goals of Vatican II at the Dawn of the Third Millennium," in Pastoral Music, Vol. 24, No. 4 (April-May 2000), pages 17-26.

Dr. Mary Reichardt, English Department and Catholic Studies Program, served as editor of a college composition textbook published last month by EMC/Paradigm. Reichardt edited the textbook, Writing, by Barbara and Catherine Baker, and she wrote the project's introductory essay, "The Writing Classroom: Strategies That Work," which also was reproduced and distributed to college teachers nationwide in Paradigm's Newsletter. She also compiled the book's Instructor's Guide and its ancillary computer resources.

James Rogers, Center for Irish Studies, attended the 12th annual Graduate Irish Studies Conference March 24-25 at Claremont Graduate University. In his capacity of managing editor of New Hibernia Review, Rogers was asked to present the Dermot McGlinchey Award for the outstanding paper of the conference.

For several years Dr. Paul Schons, Modern and Classical Languages, has published on a monthly basis with the Germanic-American Institute. During the current academic year his publications have included articles such as "Hamann and Kant," "The History of the German Language," "Goethe and Grass," "Heinrich Schliemann," "The Mendelssohns," "Carl Schurz" and "Allianz Versicherung." "Arthur Schopenhauer" is the article to be published next month.