Professional Notes

Dr. Mel Gray, Graduate School of Business and Economics Department, and Professor James Heilbrun of Fordham University are co-authors of a chapter, "Economics of the Nonprofit Arts: Structure, Scope, and Trends," in The Public Life of Arts in America, edited by J.M. Cherbo and J.J. Wyszomirski and published by Rutgers University Press.

Mike Klein, Campus Ministry and Justice and Peace Studies program, has been named a Peace Studies Fellow by the Minnesota Campus Compact. He will consult with other faculty on integrating service-learning methodology into peace studies curricula and host a conference on the topic Sept. 22-23 at St. Thomas.

Dr. Anne Klejment, History Department, served as chair and commentator of a session on "Encounters with National Life in Twentieth Century United States" at the joint meeting of the American Catholic Historical Association and the American Society of Church Historians in Sante Fe, N.M.