Professional Notes

Father James Burns, CAPS-Graduate School of Professional Psychology, was appointed as a senior research associate of the prestigious Institute for the Biocultural Study of Religion May 1 in Cambridge, Mass. The institute is a theological and neuroscience lab and think tank that has as its mission to promote and conduct research at the intersection of culture and the mind, focusing on religious behaviors, beliefs and experiences. The aims of public outreach efforts of the institute are to deepen public and scholarly understanding of the culture-mind-religion nexus; to equip experts to resolve conflicts that arise in this area; and to help cultural, political, medical and religious leaders enhance physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being.

Dr. John D. Holst, College of Applied Professional Studies (Curriculum and Instruction Department), has accepted an invitation to join Adult Education Quarterly’s editorial board as a consulting editor. The Adult Education Quarterly is the premier, English-language adult-education journal in the United States.

Leela Rahimi and Krista Griffith, UST undergraduate students, have been recognized by the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, an interdisciplinary honor society for first- and second-year college students. Rahimi was awarded the Scholar of Promise Service Award, which recognizes NSCS members who complete 50 hours of youth-oriented community service in a year. Griffith is among 20 students named to the organization’s National Leadership Council, which serves as a sounding board to the society’s staff. Its members exhibit three pillars of NSCS: scholarship, leadership and service.

Students from the Chemistry Department presented their research at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in April in New Orleans. Student presenters, their projects and their advisers were Jonathan Hennek, "Combinatorial low-pressure chemical vapor deposition of high-k strontium-doped hafnium dioxides" (student of Dr. David Boyd); Nathaniel Brandt "Investigation of pyrromethene dyes in the presence of quinones by transient absorption spectroscopy" and Amanda Hixon, "Fluorescence quenching of pyrromethene 546" (students of Dr. Joseph Brom); Allison Johnson "Reactive indicator for use in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay" and Lanita Gaworski, "Synthesis of latent chromophores for coupling with alcohol oxidase as a novel visual indicator system for ELISA" (students of Dr. J. Thomas Ippoliti); Katherine Motz, "Self-assembly and stabilization of G-wires using alkyl ammonium cations" (student of Dr. Thomas C. Marsh); Emily Korman, "Crystal structure of a pyridyl-benzylideneaniline," Barjeta Balidemaj, “Effect of substitution on the molecular conformation and crystal structures of some centrosymmetric benzylideneanilines,” and Kendra Lystad, "A solid-state search for halogen-nitrile contacts in a series of ‘bridge-flipped’ isomeric benzylidenenanilines” (students of Dr. William Ojala); Jenna Schoeder, "Analysis of enrofloxacin degradation and photoproduct antibacterial activity” and Andrew Korte, "Environmental photochemical fate of the antibacterials ofloxacin and norfloxacin" (students of Dr. Kris Wammer).


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