Professional Notes

Dr. Sanjeev Bordoloi, Opus College of Business, is the co-author, with P. Aggarwal and T. Tobin, of an article, "CRM Performance Evaluation in Knowledge Management Industry," published in Journal of International Technology & Information Management, Vol. 17:2 (2008).

Dr. Mark Dienhart, executive vice president and chief operating officer, was invited to speak on "Best Practices in Intercollegiate Athletics Reporting Models" last month at the NCAA Convention in Washington, D.C.

Dr. John Spry, Opus College of Business, is co-author of the Minnesota Governor’s 21st Century Tax Reform Commission report, "Minnesota’s Millennium: Launching a New Generation of Competitive Leadership and Economic Growth," released Feb. 13 by the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Spry is a member of the commission. The report is available here.

Dr. AnnMarie Thomas, School of Engineering, gave a presentation on the importance of fun in engineering education at the Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference in Long Beach, Calif.


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