Professional Notes

Professional Notes

Father James Burns, Graduate School of Professional Psychology, delivered an invited address on March 26 at Lincoln College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, titled "Psychotherapist as Moral Agent: Crisis of Modern Conscience." In addition, Burns chaired a symposium, " Trauma and Resilience: Research on the Relationship to Religion and Clerical Leadership," and delivered a presentation, "Assessing the Impact of Trauma on Two Groups of Christian Clergy" April 3 at the Research Conference of Division 36 of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. John Holst, College of Applied Professional Studies, is the author of the article "The Pedagogy of Ernesto Che Guevara," published in the latest issue of the International Journal of Lifelong Education. The article is available through the UST library here .

Father Jan Michael Joncas, Center for Catholic Studies, gave the following presentations in Rome: "Musical Elements in the Writings of St. Paul" Feb. 24 at the Lay Centre at Foyer Unitas; "New Musical Repertoire for Mass" March 20 at the Irish College; and "Images of Jesus in Post-Vatican II Worship Music" April 1 for a Catholic University of America theology program at St. John's University's Rome campus. This semester Joncas is living at the UST Bernardi Campus in Rome and teaching a course, titled "Worship in the City of Rome: Past and Present," at the Angelicum University.

Ann Kenne, Dani Roach and Carolyn Deluca, O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center, presented papers at the Library Technology Conference 2009 March 18-19 at Macalester College. Kenne presented on a panel, titled "Using CONTENTdm in a Consortium." Roach and DeLuca presented on the panel, "Getting a Handle on E-resources Management."

Dr. Pam Nice, College of Arts and Sciences (English Department), had two screenings of her most recent film, "Desert in the Coffeehouse," in early March in Cairo. In this film, she interviewed Twin Cities coffeehouse patrons about their views and knowledge of the Middle East.   It is intended for both Arab and American audiences. One of the screenings was at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, which wants to use the film as part of its public diplomacy initiative.   The other screening was at AMIDEAST, which is dedicated to cultural and educational exchange between U.S. and Arab countries. Nice also had a screening and discussion of her film, "Dreaming in Morocco," on March 26 at the University of New Orleans.

Dr. Derrin Pinto, College of Arts and Sciences (Modern and Classical Languages Department), presented "A recipe for rudeness: The speech act of giving advice in the English subtitles of Spanish films" March 21-24 at the annual conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics in Denver, Colo.

Dr. Teresa Rothausen-Vange, Opus College of Business, presented two papers at the 24 th annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (a division of the American Psychological Association) April 4 in New Orleans. The papers report the results of two empirical studies: "Construct validation and comparison of two psychological type measures" and "Are all the parts there for those who care? Facet job satisfaction and caring values."

Dr. Martin Warren, College of Arts and Sciences (English Department), is the author of a review in New Hibernia Review 15 (1), 149-150. The review examines Bryan Fanning's, The Quest for Modern Ireland: The Battle of Ideas 1912-1986 (International Specialized Book Services). Through his study of more than 70 years of thought in five prominent Irish periodicals, Fanning illuminates the Irish intellectual debates on the country's national identity that took place in 20th-century Ireland.

Dr. John Wendt, Opus College of Business, with Dr. John Miller of Texas Tech University, recently presented "Risk Management and the Fourth Amendment at Sports Events: Like Water and Oil?" at the Sport and Recreation Law Association 22nd annual conference on Sport, Physical Activity, Recreation and Law in San Antonio, Texas.

Dr. Robert Werner is the author of Bolivia in Focus: A Guide to the People, Politics, and Culture (Interlink Books, 2009). The work explores the land and people, history, economy, politics, society, culture and religion, and includes Werner's tips on must-see places. Several maps in the book were made by St. Thomas geography major Allison Seiwert.